Failure Isn’t an Option for Alex

Alex was born at Virginia Mason Memorial in 2008 at 41 weeks and was a beautiful and healthy baby. At his 6 month check-up, Alex’s doctor noticed that his head measured abnormally large. A CT scan determined that he had Congenital Hydrocephalus, a buildup of excess fluid in the brain where the increase of added pressure causes brain damage and mental and physical problems. Just one week later, Alex underwent emergency brain surgery to place a shunt in his brain to relieve the fluid and pressure.

Following surgery Alex’s parents and doctors noticed he wasn’t meeting his milestones: he wasn’t sitting, rolling over, using his left arm, or crawling. He was then diagnosed with Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy, which doctors believe is due to the severity of the Congenital Hydrocephalus. His Cerebral Palsy effected both legs and both arms, resulting in having to depend on a wheelchair for mobility. 

Following this diagnosis, Alex enrolled at Children’s Village for speech and physical therapies. Laura, Alex’s physical therapist until he enrolled in preschool, not only made therapy fun for Alex, but she educated him and his family to help them understand Cerebral Palsy. “Laura was nothing short of amazing,” Alex’s mom Danielle described.

In 2010, Alex and his family met his current physical therapist, Allison, who has helped Alex achieve many miraculous milestones. After intensive therapy, she was there to see Alex take his first steps. Now at 8 years old, Alex can walk unaided without a walker! He continues to progress and thrive due to the therapy he receives at Children’s Village. His mom proudly exclaims that failure is simply not an option in Alex’s book!

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