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Larry’s Story

Larry was 5 months old when we was diagnosed with Craniosynostosis, where one or more of the fibrous joints between the bones of the skull prematurely close before the brain is fully formed. At just 7 months old, Larry had cranial surgery to correct the defect.

Larry’s mom, Leticia, shared that if it weren’t for the La Villa de Los Ninos program at Children’s Village, her son would not be alive today. The odds were stacked against Larry prior to and after his surgery. Leticia was told if Larry survived, he likely would not be able to sit without support or have much mobility on his own.  Through the La Villa de Los Ninos program, Leticia was encouraged and taught to work on certain exercises with Larry. With work, Larry started to lift his own head and make progress in moving.

Larry and Leticia continue to push the boundaries of their comfort zones and work on specific exercises through occupational and physical therapies. Today, Larry continues to defy the odds by sitting on his own, developing upper core strength, and crawling. Doctors and therapists continue to be impressed by Larry’s progress. As for his mom Leticia, she continues to be grateful for the help from Children’s Village.