Peach Finds Connection

Peach is a beautiful, smiley and curious 16 month old. Peach also has Downs Syndrome, but that extra chromosome by no means defines her. Peach’s parents, Justin and Melia, found out prior to birth that she has Down Syndrome. Having this diagnosis beforehand made a huge difference in a very positive way for Justin and Melia. When they found out that their daughter would have a disability, it allowed the family time to process what their new reality might look like and let go of the idealistic dreams that almost every parent has for their child. It also opened their eyes to a whole new world of possibilities and helped them define what is truly important in life.

Children’s Village connected Melia with a mother who had gone through a very similar journey with an early diagnosis. Once Peach was born, their family got connected with a Holland group, a support group for families who have received a new diagnosis for their child. This group connected Justin and Melia with other parents and staff members, allowing them to grieve, process, learn, and connect together as a team.

Peach started out by having occupational therapy twice a month at her home. Now she is enrolled in a weekly program through Children’s Village where occupational therapists and teachers come together with a group of kids.  This therapy enables kids to connect with other kids and parents to connect with other parents. Melia raves about the sweet feeling it is to see Peach playing and connecting with other kids that are in the same boat as her. They have also started a new Down Syndrome support group, Homies with Extra Chromies, who meet once a month at Children’s Village.

Peach is thriving from her therapy sessions at Children’s Village. She is now walking! Peach is also enrolled in It Takes Two to Talk, an 8-week, evidence-based program for children who have language delays. We are all looking forward to the day when Peach will be talking up a storm in the hallways at Children’s Village!

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