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Tristan Makes a Splash

Tristan was just 5 months old when he was diagnosed with a brain tumor that caused uncontrollable seizures. Even with the help of medications and chemotherapy he endured hundreds of seizures every day. The solution was a 4-hour hemispherectomy surgery. From birth, Tristan has exhibited an internal strength that is astounding. There was a chance that the surgery
would prevent him from ever walking or talking, but Tristan is now a talkative teenager who loves karate, soccer, basketball, and swimming.

Part of Tristan’s therapy at Children’s Village included the therapy pool. Trista
n learned multiple swim strokes and the swimming increased his
strength in his affected side. He is now able to swim better than some of his peers. In fact, Tristan swam at the varsity level on the Selah High School swim team. His swim coach praised that he would show up to practices, work hard despite any challenges, and it was no surprise that he was a participant during his swim career at the district and state competitions. Tristan sure knows how to make a splash in all of our hearts!