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YouthWorks Pageants at Virginia Mason Memorial

We invite you to join us at a YouthWorks Pageant this year and experience the impact the youth across the Yakima Valley have on our smallest of patients at Virginia Mason Memorial and Children’s Village:

Mr. West Valley                      February 19, 2020                  West Valley High School

Mr. Davis                                February 27, 2020                  Davis High School

Mr. Naches                             March 4, 2020                         Naches Valley High School

Mr. Teen Wapato                    March 11, 2020                       Wapato High School

Mr. Ike                                     March 12, 2020                       Eisenhower High School

Mr. Highland                           March 18, 2020                       Highland High School

Mr. Sunnyside                         March 21, 2020                       Sunnyside High School

Mr. Capitol                              March 22, 2020                       Capitol Theatre

Mr. East Valley                       April 03, 2020                          Capitol Theatre