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Our Local Credit Unions Really are For Kids!

Gesa Credit UnionHAPO Community Credit Union and Solarity Credit Union joined together under the Credit Unions for Kids program to raise a whopping $68,990 for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals in 2018! In Central Washington, that’s Virginia Mason Memorial, which includes Children’s Village.


“We are grateful for the support from our credit union partners and are excited about the impact they are making for more than 7,000 kids across Central Washington who receive care locally at Virginia Mason Memorial,” said Erin Black, CEO of The Memorial Foundation.

Along with the check, three electric cars will be donated to pediatric patients at Virginia Mason Memorial and Children’s Village. The Northwest Credit Union Association hosts an auction each fall and accepts bids on an electric car for each of the eight CMN Hospitals represented at the event. This year, Gesa Credit Union, HAPO Community Credit Union and Solarity Credit Union collaborated, donating $16,000 each to make the greatest impact for children treated in Yakima at Virginia Mason Memorial.


“We know it’s local, we know it’s going to stay in Central Washington and be part of the community,” said Jerry Sims, Senior VP of Compliance and Special Projects at Gesa Credit Union. “It’s going to help our families and the families that we serve everyday.”

We are grateful, Gesa, HAPO and Solarity – thank you!

Representatives from Gesa Credit Union, HAPO Community Credit Union, Numerica Credit Union, Solarity Credit Union, and STCU received a tour of Children’s Village by the CEO of the pediatric facility.